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Searching for developers

You are still not NEX hack project developer? Really?


One cat just leads to another. ERNEST HEMINGWAY

If you can do anything like:

  • Pure C programming
  • developing Linux software
  • disassembling
  • programming and/or understanding ARM assembly.
  • encryption and compression
  • file formats reversing

Ask to get access to developers wiki:

  • decryption tool source
  • various information about update process, etc
  • some documentation and thoughs about firmware parts, formats and files

Also with time testers teams will be formed.

Register on forum, read and send me personal message.



  • If you are just interested in unpacker, go to

    As we moved unpacker 9executable) in the open section.

  • This sounds like a great project. I'm a bit tied down right now, but I look forward to contributing as I get a bit more free time!

  • I wish I could program. The ML canon really made me feel like I get to learn this. I'm already in my 30's. How difficult is it? I was grade A math student. Is there a good site where I can find the basics of pure C? I can write a little bit Phython and wrote some addon in Blender3d, by copypaste and tweaking existing script. I have the FS100 and know there is much more in it. Must...have.....higher bitrate and/or RAW dng. DNG in FS100 is probably more difficult than with the 5D because their is no base for it, like the 5D already has RAW pictures.. Or isn't it? Would it be possible to copy paste script from the FS700 firmware to get the same picture styles?

    I know nothing of the programmig. But if you have dirty jobs for me so I can learn and you have less work, let me know.

  • I can do some work. Let me know if you guys have something for me to work on.

  • ARM or MIPS? Supposedly the BIONZ is MIPS not ARM:

    I'm not a programmer of any stripe any more but I suspect the dearth of MIPS programmers may be partially to blame for the slow uptake here.

  • @YardGnome: don't trust wikipedia w/o checking the sources!

    If you have had a look inside the GPL sources released by them, you may have found out from kernel config, that any linux based device uses an arm based image processor. The binarys are arm code for shure. But there are more than only the image processor inside every device, and some sub cpus are still mips based, at least 'till 2.gen.

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