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USB Wire Remote

Is there any posibility on using the usb port to add a Wire Remote? with the nex cameras?


  • I think today we have little idea about this.

    But may be.

  • There are mini usb adaptor to 3.5mm audio jack on ebay, and After that everyone can buy a Wire Remote with with 3.5mm jack to add to the camera. I use Nex 5N it has a IR but in Longer exposure time the IR light can be captured by the camera

  • Is there any posibility on using the usb port to add a Wire Remote?

    Never saw such code in firmware. It may be there but i cannot find it yet.

    I think today we have little idea about this.

    You have something or your mind?

  • Canon powershot cameras have this ability through CHDK firmware; there is also a comercial remote available, the Ricoh CA-1

  • Canon powershot cameras have this ability through CHDK firmware

    It is because Canon cameras had necessary protocol implemented already.

    Plus CHDK added simple remote, it does not understand any USB, just use shortening of two wires.

  • Since some nex cameras have the IR remote trigger function can't the same function be used to whenever a button is pressed via usb?

  • They dont have such built-in functionality. I'm able to find IR commands. USB used for other things. I cannot find any custom USB functions yet.

  • The USB can't be used for anything other than MTP/PTP and MSC . But since it's a USB many other functions can be added. So it will need some custom scripting, instead of copying something from here to there.

    Maybe till the firmware can be open more this feature can't move forward in any way

  • Not only mentioned function but PictBridge and CD backup. Let's hope i'll find how to add custom functionality.

  • Someone figured out how the firmware updater manages the camera?

  • @mcsar you mean what the updater doing and why? Custom firmware impossible without such knowledge.

  • Back to topic. The mention USB remote mode. It may be a name for ptp/mass storage mode but may be a tethered option. Dont know yet since it's just a mode name in state machine.

  • Interesting.

    Try to make tables in wiki as you progress.
    So I and other guys could look.

  • I'll describe them one by one when i'll be able to recognize all the function in one table.

  • @Someone100 I mean the updater has some control over the cam when it's connected on usb. How deep is the control? The camera (NEX5 in my case) has a debug mode or some thing like that?

  • @mcsar Just a simple sequence like version check, data upload, force restart... Not sure they have some more hidden but really want to find this.

  • yeah, probably they have a developer version to make tests through the USB, between a computer and the camera. I'll have time to check it and do some research only in 2013. Until there I'll follow the updates here.

  • Almost so. They comment out debugging output in public firmware. But they leave the output function. So it's possible to turn the output on. The input is more complecated problem. And they mentioned RS232 in this rotime tables. It may be possible to rewrite this to usb but it will not be very easy.

  • Someone100, you can find and publish codes IR commands? Now I know only four commands supported nex (without connecting to HDMI): shooting, shooting with a delay of 2 seconds, the start/stop video recording, a Back button in playback mode.

  • @azya I'll try to locate this code. Will create a new thread here if i'll be able to find some. But why don't capture all the commands from RMT-DSLR1?

  • But why don't capture all the commands from RMT-DSLR1?

    I own a RMT-DSLR1, only those 4 buttons work in normal mode, just connected to HDMI you can use the other. When I bought it I thought it had some better use with so many buttons.

  • @Alex_TNT I have it. And i have tools (i guess it's not a big surprise :) ) to capture IR commands or can unscrew it and capture signals directly. But i'm in the middle of very long process and i cannot drop it down since it may damage my camera.

  • @Someone100, on the RMT-DSLR1 no video record button, and the brute force has learned that there is such an IR code. Still there is a button "Left" that only works in playback mode, and apparently not the same as the button "Left" on the RMT-DSLR1. All this gives hope for the existence of other undocumented features with IR remote. (Sorry for the machine translation)

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