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Wish list for NEX

Write out your suggestions for nex cameras here. Please try to describe desired feature as clear as possible. Please add model number to yor wish



  • Audio level control

    AGC On/Off

    On screen sound level bar

    WB adjustment while recording

    HDMI full screen display while recording

    Creative style and Picture effect can be adjusted at same time

  • First and foremost:

    Better bitrates and color depth

    Global framerates

  • Nex7

    • Safe way back to original Firmware!

    • EU and US Video option, unrestricted for regions (US 1080/60/24 and EU 1080/50/25)

    • high frame-rate mode for 720p (120 fps ???)
    • Video-Button blocking
    • 4:4:4 or 4:2:2 Video output
    • Clean 1080p HDMI output
    • User settings C1-C3
    • ISO 50 like A77 :)
    • Save RAW with Picture effects
  • unlock 60fps video recording for the region-discriminated euro models artificially limited to 50!

    1. Better bitrates
    2. Better audio control (AGC on/off, manual level) and display (on screen level bar)
    3. Multiple user presets
    4. PAL/NTSC switchable
    5. Clean HDMI output
    1. ISO 50 and 100 for NEX 3/5/C3
    2. Add Setting Effect On/Off in Live View Display for NEX 3/5/C3
    3. Lens Comp.: Shading for NEX 3/5/C3
    4. Lens Comp.: Chro. Aber. for NEX 3/5/C3
    5. Lens Comp.: Distortion for NEX 3/5/C3
    6. ISO can adjust by 1/3 EV (EX: ISO 125/160)
    7. Multi-Frame ISO
    8. PictBridge
  • Auto-ISO in manual mode!

    I wish NEX to have support for m43 & NX & EF lens protocols, so adaptors would need only to be simple rings with minimum electronic.

    Focus bracketing/stacking

    Webcam mode ;-)

    @someone100 let's point which features you can realistically implement, to avoid useless posts here

  • This may apply to NEX but I am an a77 owner...

    Auto ISO in M mode.

    So, I set the shutter and aperture and the camera determines and sets ISO (within the auto ISO range) to determine the correct exposure. Also allow exposure compensation to operate as in other modes, adjusting the camera's chosen ISO value.

    I this hack project takes off, it would be great. Many of the "magic lantern" ideas for canon would be great too.

  • my suggestions: increased bitrate on every nex and STL camera 4:4:4 output on HDMI and SDI (NEX 700) 4k on FS700 now!!! cleam HDMI output on every cameras audio controls

  • just a few small things: - wider bracketing range on lower models, - jpeg+raw mode when using picture effects, hdr, panorama (save raw along with processed jpeg), - more colors for the focus peaking indication (not just white, yellow and red), - RGB histogram

  • Shutterless mode for silent shots Ability to use regeneration time > 1/50 sec for "night vision" mode (currently cannot focus/frame in darkness)

  • Timelapse: What would be enough is just that camera could start taking another picture as soon as the last one is finished and is being written to card. Another way would be putting camera into bulb and setting up how many, how long, with what interval photos camera should make. hope you understand.

    Battery compatibility: I have heard, some chinese batteries works after firmware patch, some dont, they get message 'incompatible battery'. Maybe this restriction could be lifted?

    Turning off the screen: turning off while still taking pictures using IR could increase battery life for timelapse using IR commander.

    UI improvements: the menus are endless, maybe they could be at least aranged into 2 levels, or maybe its possible to completely overhaul UI (e.g. fuji x-pro1 type).

    HDMI Live view: you plug in camera to TV using HDMI cable and see live view in your TV. I think this feature in NEX-5, but is now gone with NEX-5n, if its gone, any way of bringing it back?

  • Ability to use focus ring for something else in AF mode (e.g. aperture control)

  • Hi

    For NEX7 Tri-Navi.

    In photo review mode, when Zoomed, the back scroll wheel controls the Zoom, the two Top Wheels could control Wheel 1 - changing photos keeping the same pixel coordinate and Zoom level Wheel 2 - move presets of selected Zooms levels

    Best :) cmuralhas

  • my ridiculously lofty wishlist for the nex-5n (especially since it caves in to overheating after only a couple minutes of NORMAL use)

    higher framerates. (reasonably slotted to each resolution, i.e. 1080 - up to 80 fps, 720 - up to 120fps, etc...)

    higher bitrates and options for either 422 or 444 and raw video (i know im dreaming)

    hdr in video mode

  • Coming from a landscape shooting perspective for Nex7, although applies mostly to 5N as well:

    1. Triggering of all modes (including bracketing) via infra red remote
    2. expanded bracketing capability, 5, 7 or 9 images at 1/3 EV increments
    3. ISO50 as per A77
    4. Manual control over exposure settings in sweep and 3D panorama mode
    5. Control over JPEG settings for HDR and other multi image modes i.e. noise reduction, sharpening etc
    6. Manual selection of sweep panorama finished image size
    7. Ability to activate and de-activate EVF via a custom button
    8. Ability to set user defined modes i.e. C1, C2, C3 as per Canon that includes all settings such as OCC
    9. Perhaps some kind of press and hold to activate recording or alternatively a multi key combination to actiate recording.

    That ought to do it for starters :) Good luck with the project guys. I'm happy to provide some financial support if possible.

  • Sony FS700 -higher bit rates -high color bit depth -4:4:4 output via SDI -Super slow motion output via SDI

  • Timelapse modes

    1. Able to set minimum shutter speed at aperture priority mode.

    2. Able to set the maximum value of iso in auto iso for all modes.

    3. Using the autoring of the lens for changing the aperture or shutterspeed when using autofocus.

  • Turning off screen during long exposures (even if it's black, the lamp is still on) and USB connection

    Simplification of NEX directory structures (finding movies on flash is a bit tedious)

    @beetwo77 -- You cannot have real ISO50 in NEX, it exists in A77 because it is a SLT (sensor capacity is the same, just it takes more light BEFORE mirror to saturate sensor)

  • FULL HD VIDEO FOR NEX 3. The camera has same specs as nex 5 and sony disabled Full HD!!!!! Please, enable it! ISO 100 would also be awesome!

  • NEX-7:

    1. More customisable buttons (e.g. 1.double click the red button for video to prevent mis-press; 2.make one button for switching between EVF and LCD).
    2. iso 50 or even lower.
    3. More display pattern to switch when press DISP during shooting. (e.g. Under the "Camera -> DISP button(Monitor)" add a histogram to the compact-looking "Live View Priority").
    4. More modes in the "Drive Mode" (e.g. advanced 5-photo bracketing for better HDR).
    5. Built-in intervalometer, it's even better with bracketing.


    1. Long press for video record to prevent accidental activation
    2. Display of ISO being used - even if in autoiso
    3. Add underwater white balance preset
  • increased bitrate ..nex 5n

  • Still shots during movie mode. ON/OFF switch to turn video recording on and off (with turn on/off function removed to a combo of shutter+play). To me video button is very inconvenient, mainly because it is sometimes ignored when camera is busy...)

  • NEX-7

    If you could try to include: Improved AF-Speed.

    Customise auto ISO Settings (for instance from 100-800)

    ISO 50 would be perfect.

    Improved Image Noise when using ISO 800 and above.

    Double-Lock for the Video Button to prevent mispress.

    Improved auto HDR, meaning rather have extreme HDR settings than a 5photo bracketing.

    And one of the coolest features would be integrated Time-laps.

    Thanks for yor work guys, if Sony can't do it for us customers, maybe you can!


  • NEX 5N

    • ISO Settings below 100
    • Display brightness, and grid toggle via Custom Keys (rather than having to dig in the depths of the Menus)
    • Meaningful Menu Categories and sorting
  • Anything for the F3, or at least the below:

    ISO 100 (don't think 50 works) 60 FPS video instead of the 50 FPS for EU models Safe way to go back to official firmware if necessary lock auto ISO between certain values (eg 100 to 1600)

    Much appreciated :)

  • For NEX-5n

      • timelapse modes (intervalometer)
      • live histogram or (even better) waveform monitor
      • video button lock (long press for video activation as an option would be GREAT)
      • 720p120 (even with small bitrate would be welcome)
      • higher bitrates
      • 1080p60 (europeans are restricted for no reason in this)
      • wider bracketing range
      • safe way back to original firmware

    X. - I would give you anything for audio in :D :D :D audio implements dont really make too much sense with the stupid sony microphone that broke itself off the camera after about 5 minutes of using it.

    Thank you so much for your hard work. If there is going to be an option to pay a bit of cash for this, I will use it.

  • For NEX-5/3 ISO 50-100

    Manual controls in video mode (set ISO and Shutter Speed)

    24 fps video

    60 fps video (720p and 1080 if possible)

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